"Chrysanthemums" (1896), oil on canvas, 70 x 57.8 cm, of the painter Paul Cezanne, contemporary of Sabrá (The Barnes Foundation, Merion)

Wadí` Sabrá

Wadí` Sabrá


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The composer Wadí` Sabrá was born in Beirut on the 23th February 1876, the same year of the composers Akimenko, Alpaerts, Brian, Broqua, Børresen, Delune, Falla (y Matheu), Gnecchi, Koeberg, Laparra, Morawski-Dabrowa, Nielsen, Polignac, Poueigh, Ruggles. He died in Beirut on the 11th April 1952

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"The Shepherds of Canaan" was performed in (?)

"The Two Kings" has been represented in (?)

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