"Drug Store" (1927), oil on canvas, 29 x 40 in, of the painter Edward Hopper, contemporary of Kaufmann (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

Walter Kaufmann


ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

The composer Walter Kaufmann was born in Karlovy Vary on the first April 1907, the same year of the composers Aubin, Badings, Bialas, Clarke, Contilli, Desportes, Donati, Elston, Felderhof, Gebhardt, Giacobbe, Goh, Gresák, Guarnieri, Hartig, Hasegawa, Hirao, Klebanov, Kono, Koval, Kozina, Ley, Maconchy, Maizel, Muench, Palester, Phillips, Polgar, Regamey, Roos, Rosseau, Ránki, Saguer, Saygun, Siqueira, Soloviev-Sedoy, Spadavecchia, Trojan, Van Durme. He died in Bloomington (Ind.) on the 9th September 1984

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Music examples MIDI ed Mp3 of 1900


"Der grosse Dorin" was performed in 1932

"Der Hammel bringt es an den Tag" has been represented in 1934 in Praga

"Esther" has been represented in 1932

"Die weisse Göttin" was performed in 1933

"Anasuya" was performed on the 1st of October 1938 in Bombay

"The Cloak" has been represented in 1950

"A Parfait for Irene" was performed on the 21st of February 1952 in Bloomington

"The Research" has been represented in 1951

"The Golden Touch" has been represented in 1953

"Christmas Slippers" was performed in 1955

"Sganarelle" has been represented in 1955 in Vancouver

"George from Paradise" was performed in 1958

"Paracelsus" was performed in 1958

"The Scarlet Letter" was performed on the 6th of May 1961 in Bloomington

"A Hoosier Tale" was performed on the 30th of July 1966 in Bloomington

"The Research" was performed in Bloomingto in 1966

"Rip Van Winkle" has been represented in 1966

Walter Kaufmann


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