Henk Badings


"Drug Store" (1927), oil on canvas, 29 x 40 in, of the painter Edward Hopper, contemporary of Badings (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

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The musician Henk Badings was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Bandung on the 17th Jenuary 1907, the same year of the composers Aubin, Bialas, Clarke, Contilli, Desportes, Donati, Elston, Felderhof, Gebhardt, Giacobbe, Goh, Gresák, Guarnieri, Hartig, Hasegawa, Hirao, Kaufmann, Klebanov, Kono, Koval, Kozina, Ley, Maconchy, Maizel, Muench, Palester, Phillips, Polgar, Regamey, Roos, Rosseau, Ránki, Saguer, Saygun, Siqueira, Soloviev-Sedoy, Spadavecchia, Trojan, Van Durme. He died in Vijlen on the 26th June 1987

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Henk Badings

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"De nachtwacht", in 3 Acts on the libretto of Tom Bouws, was performed on the 13rd of May 1950 in Antwerpen

"Liefde's listen", Kammeroper in 3 Acts, was performed in Hilversum on the 6th of Jenuary 1948

"Orestes", libretto of Badings and Starink, was performed on the 24th of September 1954 in Firenze

"Asterion", on the libretto of P. N. van Wijk Louw, was performed on the 11th of April 1958

"Salto mortale", Kammeroper in 12 Scene on the libretto of Badings and Belcampo, was performed on the 19th of June 1959 in Eindhoven

"Martin Korda, D. P.", opera corale drammatica in 3 Acts on the libretto of Badings and Ab van Eijk, was performed on the 15th of June 1960 in Amsterdam


"L'indifférente", text of Franz Toussaint (1879-1955)

"La jeune fille nue", text of Franz Toussaint (1879-1955)

"Dernière promenade", text of Franz Toussaint (1879-1955)

"Sur les bords du Jo-Yeh", text of Franz Toussaint (1879-1955)


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