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George Rodwell

Herbert Bonaparte George Rodwell
(Londra 15/11/1800, Londra 22/1/1852)


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Don Quixote, the Knight of the Woful Countenance, or The Humours of Sancho Panza

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 7/1/1833)

Jack Sheppard

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 28/10/1839)

My Own Lover

(Londra, Drury Lane, 11/1/1832)

Paul Clifford

(Londra, Covent Garden, 28/10/1835)

Quasimodo, or The Gipsy Girl of Notre Dame

(Londra, Covent Garden, 2/2/1836)

Teddy the Tiler

(Londra, Covent Garden, 8/2/1830)

The Black Vulture, or The Wheel of Death

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 4/10/1830)

The Bottle Imp

(Londra, Lyceum Theatre, 7/7/1828)

The Bronze Horse, or The Spell of the Cloud King

(Londra, Covent Garden, 14/12/1835)

The Cornish Miners

(Londra, Lyceum Theatre, 2/7/1827)

The Devil's Elixir, or The Shadowless Man

(Londra, Covent Garden, 20/4/1829)

The Earthquake, or The Spectre of the Nile

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 15/12/1828)

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