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George Rodwell

Herbert Bonaparte George Rodwell
(Londra 15/11/1800, Londra 22/1/1852)


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The Evil Eye

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 18/8/1831)

The Flying Dutchman, or The Phantom Ship

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 1/1/1827)

The Last Days of Pompeii, or Seventeen Hundred Years Ago

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 15/12/1834)

The Lord of the Isles, or The Gathering of the Clans

(Londra, Surrey Theatre, 20/11/1834)

The Mason of Buda

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 1/10/1828)

The Seven Maids of Munich, or The Ghost's Tower

(Londra, (Princess) 's Theatre, 19/12/1846)

The Sexton of Cologne, or The Burgomaster's Daughter

(Londra, Covent Garden, 13/6/1836)

The Skeleton Lover

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 16/7/1830)

The Spirit of the Bell

(Londra, Lyceum Theatre, 8/6/1835)

The Spring Lock

(Londra, Lyceum Theatre, 18/8/1829)

Waverley, or Sixty Years Since

(Londra, Adelphi Theatre, 11/3/1824)

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