"New England Sea View - Fish House" (1934), oil on board, 18 x 24 in, of the painter Marsden Hartley, contemporary of Masanetz (Private collection)

Guido Masanetz

Guido Masanetz


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The composer Guido Masanetz was born in Friedeck on the 17th May 1914, the same year of the composers Anderberg, Cazden, Devcic, Dumitrescu, Effinger, Gross, Johansson, Kapr, Kleinsinger, Kubelik, Kubik, Malipiero, Mellers, Márkos, Ohana, Pallandios, Ryterband, Sonninen, Sulek, Tulikov.

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"Barbara" was performed in 1939

"Die Reise nach Budapest" was performed in 1942

"Die Mandelblüte" has been represented in 1948

"Der Wundervogel" was performed in 1955

"Der Instrukteur soll heiraten" was performed in 1959

"In Frisco ist der Teufel los" was performed in 1962

"Mein schöner Benjamino" was performed in 1963

"Sprengstoff für Santa Ines" was performed in 1973


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