"Takka Takka" (1962), oil on canvas, 173 x 143 cm, of the painter Roy Lichtenstein, contemporary of Smutný (Museum Ludwig, Cologne)

Jirí Smutný

Jirí Smutný


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Jirí Smutný, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Praga on the first April 1932, the same year of the composers Adams, Barkin, Brevik, Castiglioni, Christiansen, Colgrass, Deák, Eyser, Goehr, Hedwall, Johnson, Klein, Kutavicius, Leduc, Levy, Mailman, Mandelbaum, Manzoni, Marez Oyens, Meale, Norgård, Poné, Popovici, Shchedrin, Slonimsky, Stroe, Stuhec.

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"Kdyz dva delaji totéz, aneb Zenská ctnost" was performed in 1959

"Dalskabáty, hrísná ves" was performed in 1961

"Nocní rozhovor" was performed in 1967

"Klementina" has been represented in 1968

"Klementina" (rev) was performed in 1969


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