Joseph Schuster


"Paul Revere" (1768), oil on canvas, 88.9 x 72.3 cm, of the painter John Singleton Copley, contemporary of Schuster (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

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The musician Joseph Schuster was born in Dresda on the 11th August 1748, the same year of the composers Albertini, Barrière, Cogan, Lidón, Neefe, Paluselli, Rheineck, Schacht, Seydelmann, Shield, Stadler. He died in Dresda on the 24th July 1812

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Joseph Schuster

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"La contessina" (r. (Gassmann) was performed on the 2nd of Jenuary 1772 in Dresda

"La fedeltà in amore" was performed in Dresda in 1773

"L'idolo cinese" was performed in 1776 in Dresda

"L'amore artigiano" has been represented in 1776 in Venezia (Teatro San Moisè)

"La Didone abbandonata" was performed in 1776 in Napoli (Teatro San Carlo)

"Demofoonte" was performed in 1776 in Forli

"La schiava liberata" was performed in Dresda on the 2nd of October 1777

"Der Alchymist oder Der Liebesteufel" has been performed in Dresda in March 1778

"Die wüste Insel" has been represented in Lipsia in 1779

"Creso in Media" has been represented in 1779 in Napoli (Teatro San Carlo)

"Amor e Psyche" was performed in 1780 in Napoli (Teatro San Carlo)

"Il bon ton" has been represented in Venezia in 1780 (Teatro San Moisè)

"Il marito indolente" (Der gleichgültige Ehemann) has been represented in Dresda in 1782

"Il pazzo per forza" has been represented in Dresda in 1784

"Lo spirito di contradizione" (Dr Murner) has been represented in Dresda in 1785

"Gli avari in trappola" was performed in 1787 in Dresda

"Rübezahl ossia Il vero amore" was performed on the 14th of February 1789 in Dresda

"Il servo padrone ossia L'amore perfetto" has been represented in 1793 in Dresda

"Osmano dey d'Algeri" was performed in 1800 in Dresda

"Il giorno natalizio" was performed on the 24th of February 1802 in Dresda

"Der Schauspieldirector" has been represented in (?)


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