Johann Baptist Henneberg


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Johann Baptist Henneberg, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Vienna on the 6th December 1768, the same year of the composers Adrien, Baguer, Carr, Jadin, Nasolini, Pauwels, Toeschi. He died in Vienna on the 26th November 1822

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"Die Waldmänner" was performed in Vienna on the 14th of October 1793 (Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden (Wiedner Theater)

"Liebe macht kurzen Prozess" was performed in 1799 in Lipsia

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"Paris and Helen" (1788), oil on canvas, 57 1/2 x 71 1/4 in, of the painter Jacques-Louis David, contemporary of Henneberg (Musee du Louvre, Paris)

Johann Baptist Henneberg

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