Iain (Ellis) Hamilton


"Black Fish" (1942), oil on canvas, 33 x 55 cm, of the painter Georges Braque, contemporary of Hamilton (Musee national d'Art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris)

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The musician Iain (Ellis) Hamilton was born in Glasgow on the 6th June 1922, the same year of the composers Amirov, Bekku, Bibalo, Bonfà, Eastwood, Feldbusch, Gal'inin, Hagerup Bull, Hurnik, Ito, Jarda, Jones, Korn, Lancen, Matej, Molchanov, Mácha, Nikolov, Olsen, Owen, Patachich, Raichev, Santos, Schuyt, Thienen, Thorne, Thybo, Toradze, Tranchell, Travis, Vagner.

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Iain (Ellis) Hamilton

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"Agamemnon" was performed in 1969

"The Royal Hunt of the Sun" was performed in Londra on the 2nd of February 1977 (Coliseum)

"The Cataline Conspiracy" was performed on the 16th of March 1974 in Stirling

"Tamburlaine" was performed on the 14th of February 1977 in Londra

"Anna Karenina" was performed on the 7th of May 1981 in Londra

"Dick Whittington" has been represented in 1981

"Lancelot" was performed in Arundel on the 24th of August 1985

"Raleigh's Dream" was performed on the 3rd of June 1984 in Durham


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