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John Davy

(Upton Helions, Exeter 23/12/1763, Londra 22/2/1824)


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A Pennyworth of Wit, or The Wife and the Mistress

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 18/4/1796)

Buried Alive

(Londra, Covent Garden, 2/6/1802)

Harlequin's Magnet, or The Scandinavian Sorcerer

(Londra, Covent Garden, 30/12/1805)

Harlequin's Quicksilver, or The Gnome and the Devil

(Londra, Covent Garden, 26/12/1804)

Rob Roy Macgregor, or Auld Lang Syne

(Londra, Covent Garden, 12/3/1818)

Spanish Dollars, or The Priest of the Parish

(Londra, Covent Garden, 9/5/1805)

The Blind Boy

(Londra, Covent Garden, 1/12/1808)

The Cabinet

(Londra, Covent Garden, 9/2/1802)

The Fisherman's Hut

(Londra, Drury Lane, 20/10/1819)

The Miller's Maid

(Londra, Little Theatre, Haymarket, 25/8/1804)

Thirty Thousand, or Who's the Richest?

(Londra, Covent Garden, 10/12/1804)

What a Blunder!

(Londra, Little Theatre, Haymarket, 14/8/1800)

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