Milton Byron Babbit

?, ? ? 1916


"Self-Portrait with Horn" (1938), oil on canvas, 43 1/4 x 39 3/4 in, of the painter Max Beckmann, contemporary of Milton Byron Babbit (Collection Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Lackner, Santa Barbara)

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Milton Babbitt, Professor Emeritus of Music at Princeton University and Distinguished Professor of Composition at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, is one of America’s most important contemporary composers and musical theorists. Born in 1916, Babbitt played jazz, composed popular songs and even a Broadway show early in his career. As a young college student, however, he discovered the music of Arnold Schoenberg, creator of the 12-tone system of composition, and fully embraced the avant-garde. State of the Arts spoke with the 88 year old icon of American music about his fascination with musical serialism, his many compositions, his early work with the RCA Electronic Sound Synthesizer, and his next big composition, a Concerto for Orchestra commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Concerto for piano and orchestra
C° New Word Records NW 346-2

The Head of the Bed (Soprano et petit orchestre)

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