"Indra (God of Storm and Battle)"
di Gustav Holst (1874-1934)

Noblest of songs for the noblest of Gods!
A song that shall reach to the throne of Indra,
The Lord of the sky!
Radiant with light, thou dost ride through the
The Holy Ones rush forth to greet the monarch,
Who ruleth the sky!
Lo! to thy shrine we come, pouring libations.
Swelling like mighty floods, our hymns rise to heav'n,
Yoking thy steeds to thy swift flying chariot,
Bringing thee earthward to aid us in battle,
Filling our hearts with valour and strength,
With strength as of heroes!
Like to the river expanding the sea,
Our loud swelling song shall increase
Thy glory o'er earth and sky.
Lover of sacrifice, lover of singing,
Loud-voiced Thunderer,
Shaker of mountains and Lord of the sky.