"I mind the day"
di Moira O'Neill (fl. 1900) [pseudonym]

I'd mind the day I'd wish I was a saygull flyin' far,
For then I'd fly an' find you in the West;
An I'd wish I was a little rose as sweet as roses are,
For then you'd maybe wear it on your breast,
You'd maybe take an' wear it on your breast.
I'd wish I could be livin' near, to love you day an' night,
To let no throuble touch you or annoy;
I'd wish I could be dyin' here to rise a spirit light,
If Them above 'ud let me bring you joy,
If Them above 'ud let me win you joy.
An' now I wish no wishes, nor ever fall a tear,
Nor take a thought beyont the way I'm led:
I mind the day that's over-by, an' bless the day that's here,
There be to come a day when we'll be dead,
A longer, lighter day when we'll be dead.