"At Sea"
di Moira O'Neill (fl. 1900) [pseudonym]

'Tis the long blue Head o' Garron
From the sea,
Och, we're sailin' past the Garron
On the sea.
Now Glen Ariff lies behind,
Where the waters fall an' wind
By the willows o' Glen Ariff to the sea.
Ould Luirgedan rises green
By the sea,
Ay, he stands between the Glens
An' the sea.
Now we're past the darklin' caves,
Where the breakin' summer waves
Wander in wi' their trouble from the sea.
But Cushendun lies nearer
To the sea,
An' thon's a shore is dearer
Still to me,
For the land that I am leavin'
Sure the heart I have is grievin',
But the ship has set her sails for the sea.
Och, what's this is deeper
Than the sea?
An' what's this is stronger
Nor the sea?
When the call is "all or none",
An' the answer "all for one"
Then we be to sail away across the sea.