"Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain"
di Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938)

Drake in the North Sea grimly prowling,
Treading his dear Revenge's deck,
Watch'd, with the sea-dogs round him growling,
Galleons drifting wreck by wreck.
"Fetter and Faith for England's neck,
Faggot and Father, Saint and chain,
Yonder the Devil and all go howling,
Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain!"
Drake at the last off Nombre lying,
Knowing the night that toward him crept,
Gave to the sea-dogs round him crying
This for a sign before he slept:
"Pride of the West! What Devon hath kept
Devon shall keep on tide or main;
Call to the storm and drive them flying,
Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain!"
Valour of England gaunt and whitening,
Far in a Southland brought to bay,
Locked in a death-grip all day tight'ning,
Waited the end in twilight gray.
Battle and storm and the sea-dog's way
Drake from his long rest turn'd again,
Vict'ry lit thy steel with lightning,
Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain!