"My Leman is so true"
di anonimo

My Leman is so true
Of love and full steadfast
Yet seemeth ever new
His love is on us cast.
I would that all Him knew
And loved Him firm and fast,
They never would it rue
But happy be at last.
He lovingly abides
Although I stay full long
He will me never chide
Although I choose the wrong.
He says "Behold, my side
And why on Rood I hung;"
For my love leave thy pride
And I thee underfong.
I'll dwell with Thee believe,
Leman, under Thy tree.
May no pain e'er me grieve
Nor make me from Thee flee.
I will in at Thy sleeve
All in Thine heart to be;
Mine heart shall burst and cleave
Ere untrue Thou me see.