"The Farm" (1921), oil on canvas, 132 x 147 cm, of the painter Joan Miro, contemporary of Tomasi (National Gallery of Art, Washington)

ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

Henri (Frédien) Tomasi


ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

The composer Henri (Frédien) Tomasi was born in Marsiglia on the 17th August 1901, the same year of the composers Albert, Bautista, Chevreuille, Egk, Ghisi, Helfman, Henneberg, Hlobil, Jelinek, Kauffmann, Keldorfer, Klussmann, Koutzen, Laks, Pelemans, Perkowski, Poot, Rodrigo, Rubbra, Sauguet, Shirinsky. Died in Parigi on the 13rd Jenuary 1971

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"Miguel de Mañara" was performed on the 29th of March 1956 in Monaco

"L'Atlantide" was performed on the 26th of February 1954 in Mulhouse

"La Triomphe de Jeanne" has been represented in Rouen in 1956

"Sampiero Corso" has been put on the stage in May 1956 in Bordeaux

"Il Poverello" has been represented in 1957

"Le Silence de la mer" was performed in 1959

"Ulysse" has been represented in 1961

"L'Élixir du révérend père Gaucher" has been represented in 1962

Henri (Frédien) Tomasi


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