"Charge of the Lancers" (1915), oil on canvas, 32 x 50 cm, of the painter Umberto Boccioni, contemporary of Still (Collection Dr. Riccardo Jucker, Milan)

William Grant Still

William Grant Still


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William Grant Still was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Woodville on the 11th May 1895, the same year of the composers Baeyens, Binder, Brustad, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Castro, Dandelot, Dostal, Estrada, Gotovac, Gray, Guerrero (y Torre), Hindemith, Höffer, Kattnigg, Kogoj, Lyatoshyns'ky, Martelli, Nechayev, Orff, Osterc, Rathaus, Rocca, Schiuma, Thórdarson, Tijardovic, Toldrá, Trambitsky. He died in Los Angeles on the third December 1978

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"Blue Steel" was performed in 1934

"A Bayou Legend" was performed in 1981

"Troubled Island" was performed in 1941

"A Southern Interlude" has been represented in 1943

"Costaso" was performed in 1950

"Mota" has been represented in 1951

"The Pillar" has been represented in 1956

"Minette Fontaine" has been represented in 1958

"Highway 1, USA" was performed on the 13rd of May 1963 in Miami


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