Matthäus Stegmayer


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Matthäus Stegmayer was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Vienna on the 29th April 1771, the same year of the composers Benelli, Bergt, Cannabich, Catrufo, Choron, Paër, Ruppe, Rösler. He died in Vienna on the 10th May 1820

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"Die zwölf schlafenden Jungfrauen" was performed on the 4th of June 1796 in Vienna (Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden (Wiedner Theater)

"Liebe macht kurzen Prozess" was performed in 1798 in Vienna

"Holga die Göttin des Kristallengebirges" has been represented in Vienna in 1800

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"Little Giants" (1791), oil on canvas, 137 x 104 cm, of the painter Francisco Goya, contemporary of Stegmayer (Museo del Prado, Madrid)

Matthäus Stegmayer

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