John Philip Sousa


"The Dance Class" (1874), oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm, of the painter Edgar Degas, contemporary of Sousa (Musee d'Orsay, Paris)

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The musician John Philip Sousa was born in Washington on the 6th November 1854, the same year of the composers Catalani, Chadwick, Curti, Diet, Giménez (Jiménez) (y Bellido), Heidingsfeld, Humperdinck, Janácek, La Tombelle, Lemaire, Lishin, Massa, Moszkowski, Perger, Rung, Smareglia, Tinel. Died in Reading (Pennsylvania) on the 6th March 1932

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John Philip Sousa

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"Katherine" was performed in 1879

"The Smugglers" was performed in Washington on the 25th of March 1882

"Desiree" was performed in Washington on the 1st of May 1884

"The Queen of Hearts" was performed on the 12nd of April 1886 in Washington

"El Capitan" was performed on the 13rd of April 1896 in Boston

"The Bride Elect" was performed on the 28th of December 1897 in New York (Haven)

"The Charlatan" was performed on the 29th of August 1898 in Montreal

"Chris and the Wonderful Lamp" was performed on the 23rd of October 1899 in New York (Haven)

"The Free Lance" was performed on the 26th of March 1906 in Springfield

"The American Maid" (The Glass Blowers) was performed in Rochester on the 27th of Jenuary 1913

"The Irish Dragoon" has been represented in 1915


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