Marie-Emmanuel-Augustin Savard


"The Luncheon of the Boating Party" (1881), oil on canvas, 129.5 x 172.7 cm, of the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, contemporary of Savard (The Phillips Collection, Washington)


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The musician Marie-Emmanuel-Augustin Savard was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Parigi on the 15th May 1861, the same year of the composers Arensky, Arroyo, Averkamp, Blon, Bossi, Bréville, Caryll, Gastaldon, Gerlach, Jones, Lazarus, Loeffler, Lorenzi-Fabris, Meyer-Helmund, Missa, Raimann, Samaras, Suk, Thuille. He died in Lione on the 6th December 1942

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Marie-Emmanuel-Augustin Savard


"La Forêt" has been represented in Parigi in 1910

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