Johann Peter Salomon


"The Swing" (1766), oil on canvas, 64 x 81 cm, of the painter Jean Honore Fragonard, contemporary of Salomon ( Wallace collection, London)

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The musician Johann Peter Salomon was born in Bonn on the 20th February 1745, the same year of the composers Babbi, Benda, Berezovsky, Böcklin von Böcklinsau, Carvalho, Dibdin, Druschetzky, Marescalchi, Michl, Méreaux, Pelissier, Praupner, Stamitz. Died in Londra on the 28th November 1815

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Johann Peter Salomon

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"Les Recruteurs" has been represented in 1771 in Rheinsberg

"Le Séjour du bonheur" was performed on the 5th of March 1773 in Berlino

"Titus" has been represented in 1774 in Rheinsberg

"La Reine de Golconde" was performed in 1776 in Rheinsberg

"Windsor Castle, or The Fair Maid of Kent" was performed on the 6th of April 1795 in Londra (Covent Garden)


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