"The Death of Sardanapal" (1827), oil on canvas, 392 x 496 cm, of the painter Eugene Delacroix, contemporary of Saldoni (Musee du Louvre, Paris)

Baltasar Saldoni

Baltasar Saldoni


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Baltasar Saldoni was born in Barcellona on the 4th Jenuary 1807, the same year of the composers Boom, Casamorata, Dobrzynski, Eslava (y Elizondo), Lachner, Nidecki, Pocci, Preyer, Reber. He died in Madrid on the third December 1889

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"El triunfo amor" was performed in 1826 in Barcellona

"Saladino e Clotilde" has been represented in 1833 in Madrid

"Ipermestra" was performed on the 20th of Jenuary 1838 in Madrid

"Cleonice, regina di Siria" was performed on the 24th of Jenuary 1840 in Madrid

"Boabdil, ultimo rey de Granada" has been represented in 1844

"El rey y la costurera" was performed in 1853

"Guzmán el Bueno" was performed in 1855

"La corte de Monaco" was performed on the 16th of February 1857 in Madrid

"Los maridos en las máscaras" was performed on the 26th of August 1864 in Barcellona

"Los o enredos de un curiosa" was performed in (?)


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