(Charles) Edward Rubbra


"The Farm" (1921), oil on canvas, 132 x 147 cm, of the painter Joan Miro, contemporary of Rubbra (National Gallery of Art, Washington)

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The musician (Charles) Edward Rubbra was born in Northampton on the 23th May 1901, the same year of the composers Albert, Bautista, Chevreuille, Egk, Ghisi, Helfman, Henneberg, Hlobil, Jelinek, Kauffmann, Keldorfer, Klussmann, Koutzen, Laks, Pelemans, Perkowski, Poot, Rodrigo, Sauguet, Shirinsky, Tomasi. He died in Gerard's Cross on the 13rd February 1986

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(Charles) Edward Rubbra

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"Bee-Bee-Bei" was performed in 1933


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"Viri Galilaei", op. 140 n. 10, Anonymous

"Resurrexi, et adhunc", op. 140 n. 4, Anonymous

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"Psalm 6", Bible

"Psalm 23" (The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want), Anonymous

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"La belle dame sans merci", published in 1925, text of John Keats (1795-1821)

"Yet once again, let us our measures move", op. 83 n. 3, text of Thomas Campion (1567-1620)


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