"Violin and Checkerboard" (1913), oil on canvas, 100 x 65 cm, of the painter Juan Gris, contemporary of Rogers (Stephen a. Simon and Bonnie Simon Collection)

Bernard Rogers

Bernard Rogers


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The composer Bernard Rogers was born in New York on the 4th February 1893, the same year of the composers Absil, Benjamin, Binet, Boulanger, Chlubna, Collins, Griffis, Guarino, Hába, Karastayanov, Langgard, Leça, MacMillan, Masetti, Merikanto, Messner, Mittler, Moore, Negrea, Palau Boix, Pergament, Petit, Pisk, Rein, Seymour, Tikotsky. He died in Rochester (New York) on the 24th May 1968

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"Deirdre" has been represented in 1922 in Rochester

"The Marriage of Aude" was performed on the 22nd of May 1931 in Rochester

"The Warrior" was performed in New York on the 11th of Jenuary 194y

"The Veil" was performed on the 18th of May 1950 in Bloomington

"The Nightingale" was performed in Rochester in 1954


"Dirge for two veterans" (The last sunbeam), published in 1969, text of Walt Whitman (1819-1892)


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