"The Raft of the Medusa" (1819), oil on canvas, 491 x 716 cm, of the painter Theodore Gericault, contemporary of Rastrelli (Musee du Louvre, Paris)

Joseph Rastrelli

Joseph Rastrelli


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The composer Joseph (Gioseffo, Giuseppe) Rastrelli was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Dresda on the 13rd April 1799, the same year of the composers Aspa, Bartay, Doche, Enckhausen, Halévy, Persiani, Täglichsbeck. He died in Dresda on the 15th November 1842

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"La distruzione di Gerusalemme" was performed in 1816 in Ancona

"La schiava circassa" was performed in 1820 in Dresda

"Le donne curiose" has been represented in 1821 in Dresda

"Velleda" was performed in Dresda in 1822

"Amina" was performed in Milano on the 16th of March 1824 (Teatro alla Scala)

"Salvator Rosa, oder Zwey Nächte in Rom" was performed in Dresda on the 22nd of July 1832

"Bertha von Bretagne" was performed in 1835 in Dresda

"Die Neuvermählten" has been represented in 1839 in Dresda

"Il trionfo di Nabucco il grande" has been represented in (?)


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