"The Nightmare" (1781), oil on canvas, 127 x 102 cm, of the painter Johann Heinrich (Henry Fuseli) Fussli, contemporary of Perotti (Institute of the Arts, Detroit)

Giovanni Domenico Perotti

Giovanni Domenico Perotti


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The composer Giovanni Domenico Perotti was born in Vercelli on the 20th Jenuary 1761, the same year of the composers Abeille, Alday, Cimador, Kunzen, Lefèbvre, Masek, Stevenson, Trento. He died in Vercelli on the 24th March 1825

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"Zemira e Gandarte" was performed in 1787 in Alessandria

"Agesilao re di Sparta" was performed in 1789 in Roma (Teatro Argentina)

"La vittima della propria vendetta" was performed in 1808 in Venezia (Teatro la Fenice)

"Bianca di Melfi" was performed in (?)


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