Bernhard Paumgartner


"The Repast of the Lion" (1907), oil on canvas, 113.7 x 160 cm, of the painter Henri Rousseau, contemporary of Paumgartner (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

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The musician Bernhard Paumgartner was born in Vienna on the 14th November 1887, the same year of the composers Atterberg, Boulanger, Bretan, Brewster-Jones, Collingwood, de Leone, Delgadillo, Dieren, Harling, Jachino, Johnson, Lindberg, Pepöck, Reiser, Romberg, Schadewitz, Shaporin, Stephan, Tagliapietra, Toch, Usandizaga. Died in Salisburgo on the 27th July 1971

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Bernhard Paumgartner

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"Die Höhle von Salamanca" has been represented in Dresda in 1923

"Rossini in Neapel" was performed in Zürich on the 27th of March 1936


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