"Procession of Boats with Distant Smoke, Venice" (1845), oil on canvas, 90 x 120.5 cm, of the painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, contemporary of Oudrid y Segura (Tate Gallery, London)

Cristóbal Oudrid y Segura

Cristóbal Oudrid y Segura


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Cristóbal Oudrid y Segura was born in Badajoz on the 7th February 1825, the same year of the composers Bristow, Doppler, Gabriel, Gollmick, Gutiérrez (y) Espinosa, Hol, Horn, Loder, Lucantoni, Marpurg, Nibelle, Ortega del Villar, Ouseley, Reissmann, Rongé, Strauss. Died in Madrid on the 12nd March 1877

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"La venta puerto, o Juanillo el contrabandista" was performed on the 16th of Jenuary 1847 in Madrid

"La pradera Canal" was performed in 1847 in Madrid

"Buenas noches, Señor Don Simón" was performed on the 16th of April 1852 in Madrid

"El postillón de la Rioja" was performed on the 7th of June 1856 in Madrid

"La flor de la Serranía" was performed in Madrid on the 2nd of August 1856

"Don Sisenando" was performed in Madrid on the 4th of April 1858

"El último mono" was performed on the 30th of May 1859 in Madrid

"Nadie se muere hasta que Dios quiere" was performed on the 19th of September 1860 in Madrid

"El molinero de Subiza" was performed on the 21st of December 1870 in Madrid

"El testamento azul" was performed in (?)

"Los polvos de la madre Celestina" was performed in (?)

"La pata de cabra" was performed in (?)

"Dalila" was performed in (?)


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