Jerome Moross


"Azure" (1933), oil on canvas, 36 x 51 in, of the painter Oscar Bluemner, contemporary of Moross (Collection of Henry Kaufman)

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The musician Jerome Moross was born in Brooklyn on the first August 1913, the same year of the composers Archer, Barati, Bettinelli, Bogatïryev, Bresgen, Britten, Dello Joio, Elmore, Gabichvadze, Helm, Holoubek, Iglesias Villoud, Kapp, Khrennikov, Lavagne, Leibowitz, Lhotka-Kalinski, Lloyd, Machavariani, Maiboroda, Meyerowitz, Poliakov, Read, Rudzinski, Schollum, Schultz, Schumann, Sokola, Takata, Thorpe Davie. He died in Miami on the 25th July 1983

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Jerome Moross

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"Susanna and the Elders" has been represented in 1940

"Willie the Weeper" was performed in 1945

"The Golden Apple" was performed in 1950

"Gentlemen, Be Seated!" was performed on the 10th of October 1963 in New York

"Sorry, Wrong Number" was performed in 1977


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