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John Moorehead

(Ireland 1760, Deal 3/1804)


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Birds of a Feather, or Buz and Mum

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 25/7/1796)

Boadicea, or The British Amazon

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 14/4/1800)

Family Quarrels

(Londra, Covent Garden, 18/12/1802)

Harlequin's Benedick, or Mother Shipton's Ghost

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 29/6/1801)

Harlequin's Habeas, or The Hall of Spectres

(Londra, Covent Garden, 27/12/1802)

Harlequin's Tour, or The Dominion of Fancy

(Londra, Covent Garden, 22/12/1800)

Il Bondocani, or The Caliph Robber

(Londra, Covent Garden, 15/11/1800)

Old Fools, or Love's Stratagem

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 14/4/1800)

Perouse, or The Desolate Island

(Londra, Covent Garden, 28/2/1801)

Speed the Plough, or The Return of Peace

(Londra, Sadler 's Wells, 1/5/1802)

The Cabinet

(Londra, Covent Garden, 9/2/1802)

The Naval Pillar, or Britannia Triumphant

(Londra, Covent Garden, 7/10/1799)

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