"Self-Portrait as an Artist" (1887), oil on canvas, 65 x 50.5 cm, of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, contemporary of Mauke (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam)

Wilhelm Mauke

Wilhelm Mauke


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The composer Wilhelm Mauke, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Hamburg on the 25th February 1867, the same year of the composers Beach, Bedford, Cassadó (Valls), Davis, Donizetti, Giordano, Granados y Campiña, Henriques, Kallenberg, Leva, Maryon(-d'Aulby), Navrátil, Naylor, Nodermann, Orchard, Peterson-Berger, Pâque, Rosse, Sapelnikov, Strube, Tedeschi, Terrasse. He died in Wiesbaden on the 24th August 1930

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"Der Taugenichts" was performed in 1905

"Fanfreluche" has been represented in 1912

"Die letzte Maske" has been represented in 1917

"Das Fest des Lebens" has been represented in 1926


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