"Composition with Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red" (1922), oil on canvas, 53 x 54 cm, of the painter Piet Mondrian, contemporary of Manschinger (Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart)

Kurt Manschinger

Kurt Manschinger


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The composer Kurt Manschinger (Vernon, Leslie) was born in Zeil-Wieselburg on the 25th July 1902, the same year of the composers Arámbarri y Gárate, Balasanian, Brenta, Brunswick, Chanier, Chemin-Petit, Fere, Giuranna, Jesinghaus, Kalas, Kiladze, Kondracki, Kryukov, Kurzbach, Logar, Lothar, Micheelsen, Mortari, Nastasijevic, Poradowski, Rudnytsky, Savagnone, Shebalin, Stoyanov, Suchý, Svara, Szabó. He died in New York on the 23th February 1968

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"Madame Dorette" has been represented in 1938

"The Barber of New York" was performed on the 26th of May 1953 in New York

"Grand Slam" was performed on the 25th of June 1955 in Stamford

"Cupid and Psyche" was performed on the 27th of July 1956 in Woodstock

"The Triumph of Punch" was performed on the 25th of Jenuary 1969 in New York


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