Bruno Maderna


"Red Cables" (1940), oil on masonite, 30 1/2 x 23 3/4 in, of the painter Fairfield Porter, contemporary of Maderna (The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton)


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The musician Bruno Maderna was born in Venezia on the 21 April 1920, the same year of the composers Arutiunian, Bush, Chailly, Des Marais, Fetler, Goodman, Jirásek, Khachaturian, Kim, Kont, Krol, La Montaine, Lundquist, Marinuzzi, Maturana, Mennini, Milveden, Nilsson, Overton, Schibler, Tosatti, Turner, Valls (Gorina). He died in Darmstadt on the 13rd November 1973

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Bruno Maderna


"Don Perlimpin", Ballata amorosa in 3 Acts, was performed on the 12nd of August 1962

"Hyperion", Lirica in in forma di spettacolo in otto scene, was performed on the 6th of September 1964 in Venezia

"Von A bis Z" was performed on the 22nd of February 1970 in Darmstadt

"Satyricon", Opera in 1 Act, was performed on the 16th of March 1973 in Scheveningen

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