"Temple of Apollo" (1964), oil on canvas, 72 x 97 cm, of the painter Roy Lichtenstein

Leonard J(ordan) Lehrman

Leonard J(ordan) Lehrman


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Leonard J(ordan) Lehrman was born in Ft. Riley on the 20th August 1949, the same year of the composers Aho, Casken, Martinez, Paulus, Ruders, Vajda.

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"- Tales of Malamud" was performed in (?)

"-- Idiots First" was performed in 1973

"Karla" was performed in -- Bloomington on the 7th of March 1976

"Beowulf or The Great Dane" has been represented in 1970

"Sima" was performed in 1976

"Hannah" was performed in 1980

"The Family Man" has been represented in 1984

"The Birthday of the Bank" has been represented in 1988


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