"The Lee Shore" (1941), oil on canvas, 28 1/4 x 43 in., of the painter Edward Hopper, contemporary of Landau (Private collection)

Siegfried Landau

Siegfried Landau


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Siegfried Landau was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Berlino on the 4th September 1921, the same year of the composers Allanbrook, Arnold, Beeson, Bergsma, Boldemann, Burghauser, Correia de Oliveira, Doran, Driessler, El-Dabh, Engelmann, Ferenczy, Geissler, Goldberg, Hewitt, Hines, Hopkins, Imbrie, Irino, Ishii, Kokkonen, Kurka, Lagidze, Lidholm, Nixon, Novák, Ogden, Podést, Rosen, Smit, Tausinger, Tischhauser, Townsend.

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"The Sons of Aaron" was performed on the 28th of February 1959 in Scarsdale


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