Pierre de La Garde


"The Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice" (1740), oil on canvas, 181 x 259.5 cm, of the painter Giovanni Antonio Canaletto, contemporary of La Garde (Hermitage, St Petersburg)

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The musician Pierre de La Garde (Lagarde) was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Crécy-en-Brie on the 10th February 1717, the same year of the composers Gibert, Johnsen, Mazzoni, Nichelmann. He died in 1792

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Pierre de La Garde

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"Aeglé" was performed in Versailles on the 13rd of Jenuary 1748

"Silvie" was performed on the 26th of February 1749 in Versailles

"La Journée galante" was performed on the 25th of February 1750 in Versailles

"L'Impromptu de la cour de marbre" was performed on the 28th of November 1751 in Bellevue


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