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Eduard Künnecke was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Emmerich on the 27th Jenuary 1885, the same year of the composers Benvenuti, Berg, Collet, Cuclin, Delmas, Gailhard, Gui, Harrison, Hartmann, Hoedt, Hristic, Kamienski, Klemperer, Krylov, Lioncourt, Lualdi, Mahomayev, Massa, Mulè, Pacini, Pashchenko, Phillips, Pound, Riadis, Salomon, Taylor. Died in Berlino on the 27th October 1953

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"Die Marmorfrau" has been represented in (?)

"Robins Ende" was performed in Mannheim on the 5th of May 1909

"Coeur As" has been performed in Dresda in November 1913

"Das Dorf ohne Glocke" was performed in Berlino on the 5th of April 1919

"Der Vielgeliebte" has been put on the stage in November 1919 in Berlino (Nollendorfplatz)

"Wenn Liebe erwacht" has been performed in August 1920 in Berlino (Nollendorfplatz)

"Der Vetter aus Dingsda" was performed on the 15th of April 1921 in Berlino (Nollendorfplatz)

"Lady Hamilton" was performed in Wroclaw on the 25th of September 1926

"Die blonde Liselott" was performed on the 25th of December 1927 in Altenburg

"Liselott: Der Tenor der Herzogin" was performed in 1929 in Praga (Deutsches Theater)

"Glückliche Reise" was performed in Berlino on the 23rd of November 1932 (Teatro am Kurfürstendamm)

"Die lockende Flamme" was performed in Berlino on the 25th of December 1933 (Teatro des Westens)

"Herz über Bord" was performed on the 30th of March 1935 in Zürich

"Die grosse Sünderin" was performed in Berlino on the 31th of December 1935 (Staatsoper unter dem Linden)

"Zauberin Lola" has been represented in Dortmund in 1937

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"Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest" (1905), oil on canvas, 99.9 x 80.7 cm, of the painter Henri Rousseau, contemporary of Künnecke (The Barnes Foundation, Merion)

Eduard Künnecke

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