Kazimierz Julian Kratzer


"The Source of the Loue" (1864), oil on canvas, 98.4 x 130.4 cm, of the painter Gustave Courbet, contemporary of Kratzer (National Gallery of Art, Washington)


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The musician Kazimierz Julian Kratzer was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Kraków on the 22nd February 1844, the same year of the composers Barrera Gómez, Cellier, Erkel, Grammann, Grädener, Hertz, Kullak, Mathieu, Nieto, Paladilhe, Rauchenecker, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rüfer. Died in Varsavia on the 4th November 1890

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Kazimierz Julian Kratzer


"Dumka", Anonymous

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