Iwan Knorr


"School of Ballet" (1873), oil on canvas, 48.3 x 62.5 cm, of the painter Edgar Degas, contemporary of Knorr (Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington)

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The musician Iwan (Otto Armand) Knorr, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Mewe on the third Jenuary 1853, the same year of the composers Arkas, Bridge, Henneberg, Keurvels, Koessler, Lagoanère, Luard-Selby, Malherbe, Messager, Porumbescu, Rendano, Roger, Rousseau. He died in Frankfurt-am-Main on the 22nd Jenuary 1916

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Iwan Knorr

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"Dunja" was performed on the 23rd of March 1904 in Koblenz

"Die Hochzeit" was performed in 1907 in Praga

"Durchs Fenster" was performed in Karlsruhe on the 4th of October 1908


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