"The Flower Carrier" (1935), oil and tempera on masonite, 121.9 x 121.3 cm, of the painter Diego Rivera, contemporary of Kilpatrick (Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco)

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Jack (Frederick) Kilpatrick


ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

The composer Jack (Frederick) Kilpatrick was born in Stillwater on the 23th September 1915, the same year of the composers Catunda, Cockshott, Cumbersworth, Ehrlich, Gallois-Montbrun, Hanus, Kondorossy, Kovách, Landowski, Lee, Legley, Nystedt, Pajaro, Persichetti, Quinet, Richter, Sagaev, Searle, Surinach, Toda, Vallerand, Van de Woestijne. He died in Muskogee (Okla.) on the 22nd February 1967

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"Unto These Hills" was performed on the 1st of July 1950 in Cherokee

"The Golden Crucible" was performed in 1959 in Pittsburgh

"The Blessed Wilderness" was performed on the 18th of April 1959 in Dallas

Jack (Frederick) Kilpatrick


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