Andrew (Welsh) Imbrie


"The Lee Shore" (1941), oil on canvas, 28 1/4 x 43 in., of the painter Edward Hopper, contemporary of Imbrie (Private collection)

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The musician Andrew (Welsh) Imbrie was born in New York on the 6th April 1921, the same year of the composers Allanbrook, Arnold, Beeson, Bergsma, Boldemann, Burghauser, Correia de Oliveira, Doran, Driessler, El-Dabh, Engelmann, Ferenczy, Geissler, Goldberg, Hewitt, Hines, Hopkins, Irino, Ishii, Kokkonen, Kurka, Lagidze, Landau, Lidholm, Nixon, Novák, Ogden, Podést, Rosen, Smit, Tausinger, Tischhauser, Townsend.

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Andrew (Welsh) Imbrie

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"Christmas in Peebles Town" (Three Against Christmas) was performed in Berkeley on the 3rd of December 1964

"Angle of Repose" was performed on the 6th of November 1976 in San Francisco


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