Victor Hollaender


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Victor Hollaender (Holländer) was born in Glubczyce on the 20th April 1866, the same year of the composers Abbiate, Baussnern, Berutti, Busoni, Cilea, Clutsam, Cole, Daneau, Doret, Drysdale, Duncan, Döbber, Fedeli, Felix, Kalinnikov, Kaskel, Korn, Lincke, Lucas, Rebikov, Röhr, Satie, Scharrer, Strauss. He died in Los Angeles on the 24th October 1940

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"Primanerliebe" was performed in (?)

"Carmosinella" was performed in 1887 in Lipsia

"The Boy of Morocco" has been represented in 1894 in Londra

"Double Dealings" has been represented in Londra in 1898

"San-Lin" was performed in 1898 in Berlino

"Der Sonnenvogel" has been represented in 1907

"Der Regimentspapa" was performed in Dresda in 1914

"Trilby" was performed in (?)


"Unter'm Machandelbaum", text of Ernst von Wildenbruch (1845-1909)

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"A Carnival Evening" (1886), oil on canvas, 106.9 x 89.3 cm, of the painter Henri Rousseau, contemporary of Hollaender (Museum of Art, Philadelphia)

Victor Hollaender

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