Alois Hába


"Violin and Checkerboard" (1913), oil on canvas, 100 x 65 cm, of the painter Juan Gris, contemporary of Hába (Stephen a. Simon and Bonnie Simon Collection)


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The musician Alois Hába was born in Vizovice on the 21 June 1893, the same year of the composers Absil, Benjamin, Binet, Boulanger, Chlubna, Collins, Griffis, Guarino, Karastayanov, Langgard, Leça, MacMillan, Masetti, Merikanto, Messner, Mittler, Moore, Negrea, Palau Boix, Pergament, Petit, Pisk, Rein, Rogers, Seymour, Tikotsky. He died in Praga on the 18th November 1973

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Alois Hába


"Matka" (Die Mutter) was performed in Monaco on the 17th of May 1931

"Nová Zeme" was performed in 1936

"Prijd královstvi Tvé" has been represented in 1942

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