"Sun Setting over a Lake" (1840), oil on canvas, 91 x 122.5 cm, of the painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, contemporary of Gurlitt (Tate Gallery, London)

Cornelius Gurlitt

Cornelius Gurlitt


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The composer Cornelius Gurlitt, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Altona on the 10th February 1820, the same year of the composers Bergson, Eckert, Fesca, Fétis, Heinze, Koning, Köhler, Lux, Membrée, Mori, Schimon, Schläger, Serov, Udbye. He died in Altona on the 17th June 1901

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"Die römische Mauer" has been represented in 1860 in Altona

"Scheik Hassan" has been represented in (?)


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