"Dido building Carthage; or the Rise of the Carthaginian Empire" (1815), oil on canvas, 155.5 x 232 cm, of the painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, contemporary of Gordigiani (National Gallery, London)

Giovanni Battista Gordigiani

Giovanni Battista Gordigiani


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The composer Giovanni Battista Gordigiani was born in Modena on the th July 1795, the same year of the composers Albeniz (Albéniz) y Basanta, Genishta, Marschner, Marx, Mercadante. He died in Praga on the second March 1871

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"Pygmalione" was performed in 1845 in Praga

"Consuelo" was performed in 1846 in Praga

"Loscrivano pubblico" has been represented in 1850 in Praga


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