Giovanni Giannetti


"Irises" (1889), oil on canvas, 92 x 73.5 cm, of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, contemporary of Giannetti (Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam)

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The musician Giovanni Giannetti was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Napoli on the 25th March 1869, the same year of the composers Cook, Drdla, Hinton, Kalafati, Kazanly, Levadé, Melcer(-Szczawinski), Pfitzner, Poldini, Prohaska, Roussel. He died in Rio de Janeiro on the 10th December 1934

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Giovanni Giannetti

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"L'Erebo" was performed on the 9th of April 1891 in Napoli

"Padron Maurizio" was performed in Napoli on the 26th of September 1896

"Milena" was performed on the 15th of November 1897 in Napoli

"Il violinaro di Cremona" was performed on the 23rd of November 1898 in Milano

"Don Marzio" was performed on the 2nd of March 1903 in Venezia

"Il Cristo all festa di Purim" was performed on the 16th of December 1904 in Rio de Janeiro

"Il Nazareno" was performed on the 20th of Jenuary 1911 in Buenos Aires

"La serenata di Pierrot" was performed in Roma on the 18th of April 1917

"Cuore e bautte" was performed in Roma on the 5th of June 1918

"Il Principe Re" was performed on the 7th of July 1920 in Roma


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