Thomas German Reed


"The Departure" (1837), oil on canvas, 100.3 x 160 cm, of the painter Thomas Cole, contemporary of German Reed (The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington)

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The musician Thomas German Reed was born in Bristol on the 27th June 1817, the same year of the composers Agnelli, Deldevez, Duggan, Gade, Gregoir, Katski, Kreutzer, Kuntze, Lefébure-Wély, Mabellini, Maillart, Pedrotti, Robson, Soriano Fuertes y Piqueras, Thern, Tiehsen. Died in Londra on the 21 March 1888

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Thomas German Reed

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"The Drama at Home, or An Evening with Puff" was performed in Londra on the 8th of April 1844 (Haymarket)

"A Match for the King" was performed on the 7th of October 1844 in Londra (Haymarket)

"The Golden Fleece, or Jasin in Colchis and Medea in Corinth" was performed on the 24th of March 1848 in Londra (Haymarket)

"Who's the Composer?" was performed on the 28th of October 1844 in Londra (Haymarket)

"The Wonderful Water" was performed on the 15th of July 1846 in Londra (Haymarket)


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