"Autumn Leaves" (1855), oil on canvas, 104.3 x 74 cm, of the painter John Millais, contemporary of García Robles (City Art Galleries, Manchester)

José García Robles

José García Robles


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José García Robles, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Olot on the 28th July 1835, the same year of the composers Caballero, Cohen, Cui, Danhauser, Draeseke, Fernández Caballero, Grossman, Jenko, Krygell, Pfeiffer, Radoux, Saint-Saëns, Scholz, Torrance. Died in Barcellona on the 28th Jenuary 1910

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"Julio César" was performed in 1880 in Barcellona

"Garraf" was performed in Barcellona in 1917

"El ángel de Puigcerdá" was performed in (?)

"Las coronas" was performed in (?)

"El Olimpo en Narbona y Charles VI" has been represented in (?)


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